Friday, 23 July 2010

Winter thoughts

Hello everybody,

We are on winter holidays in Argentina and I have more time for thinking about my activities on the net and feeding my curious soul by surfing the web.

One of the conclusions I arrived is that I have stopped blogging long posts because I don´t have much time for writing  :-(( 
I microblog in Twitter and Facebook everyday!

Today, I came across this material edited by my Brazilian colleague , Ana María Menezes. Ana has gathered a series of videos related to ICT in education. Thank you, Ana for sharing this material :-) 

PS: The following collection of videos is a bit heavy, so it may take some minutes to download.


Ana Maria Menezes said...

Dear Nelba,
Thank you so much for mentioning and posting about the collection of edutech videos, I've gathered. Embedr is such a nice tool for sharing videos, isn't it?

Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Dear Ana,
You are welcome!
Yes, Ebedr really looks an interesting tool to explore.