Sunday, 25 July 2010

Video Education Today and Tomorrow

To play with kids

Hello everybody, 

Word World a very interesting website for kids to practise and/or learn vocabulary .

If the kid`s choice is right, the word is illustrated with an image. 

Word World has sound so kids can listen to the pronounciation of the words presented.

It also offers the possibility of colouring and printing images.
It is very easy to navigate. Young learners will love Word World!

Oops! You need the URL... click HERE :-)

Friday, 23 July 2010

Winter thoughts

Hello everybody,

We are on winter holidays in Argentina and I have more time for thinking about my activities on the net and feeding my curious soul by surfing the web.

One of the conclusions I arrived is that I have stopped blogging long posts because I don´t have much time for writing  :-(( 
I microblog in Twitter and Facebook everyday!

Today, I came across this material edited by my Brazilian colleague , Ana María Menezes. Ana has gathered a series of videos related to ICT in education. Thank you, Ana for sharing this material :-) 

PS: The following collection of videos is a bit heavy, so it may take some minutes to download.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Poster-Street. com = Free posters for your school, office or home!

Some time ago - about a month, I think- I came across which provides web users with motivational, funny and thought provoking material. The visitor will find high-quality posters that were well-designed and easily accessible. Once at the website, you will be able to  download and print the poster you like!

It is not necessary to get registered :-)

Poster- Street people say: "We’d love to hear from you. Your feedback and comments inspire and encourage us. Your experience and ideas help us make this site better." and it is true!!! Let me tell you:

When I visited the website for the first time, I was fascinated. I really loved the posters, but could not find the possibility of embeding the posters in my blogs - I manage educational blogs for two schools. Consequently, I wrote to Poster-Street asking them to give us, bloggers, the possibility of embeding their work.

And today they sent me a newsletter and found out that they have included an embedding tool. 
Thank you, Poster-Street

Oh, by the way. I have chosen this poster to illustrate this post.

The British Council in Second Life

Today is my free morning and I am enjoying surfing the net, facebooking, twittering and of course, blogging! Unfortunatelly I cannot blog as often as I would like to due to my duties as ICT coordinator and teacher trainer. I have been pretty busy but really happy.

Exploring Second life is one of my postponed activities. By the way, I have found some information about the British Council in Second Life at

What can you  do in the British Council Area in Second Life?

When you are on the British Council island, you can:
  • learn English in different ways
  • meet new friends throughout the world
  • have fun solving puzzles and problems
  • learn about the UK
  • improve your computer skills
This is very important:

  • It's free for all teenagers 13-17 years old
  • Accounts are provided only to users when proof of age is given to the British Council
  • Provided accounts are strictly for use by teenagers
  • Second Life guidelines for teens can be found here: 
More important:
Graham Stanley is in charge of this project! You can contact him for further info at