Monday, 19 November 2007

Second Life

I am very happy to announce that I became a Second Life citizen. My name is Nelba Aeon. Why did I get my Second Life Citizenship? On one hand I want to explore this 3-D virtual World everybody talks about and on the other because Gavin Dudeney kindly invited me to one of his sessions in Second Life. ( Thank you, Gavin!).
Unfortunately I cannot enter SL from my PC because it does not fulfill SL' s requirements ( You need a strong computer specially for the graphics), so I went to a cybercafe. I had my first experience this morning. At the beginning it was a bit disappointing because I was unexperienced and did not know exactly what to do... I walked around, went up and down some stairs, flew...but when I was about to leave, I met a group of people chatting in different languages! Amazing! and finally I met a Canadian lady who talked to me in English. We chatted for some time. I was really happy because she was a newbie, too.
Well, that is all for now from SL.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

My facebook

Hi, everybody: Two weeks ago I did not know anything about facebook... and now I cannot avoid checking it. Another cyber addiction. Why? because it is a place where you can meet your friends asynchronously...share likes... like this video. Enjoy it :)