Online Activities for ESL students

  • Learn English Kids by the British Council : games, songs, stories and activities

  • Building Words for Young Learners. This is a game where students form words.(with sound)
  • Vocabulary for kids Website to practise vocabulary by on the different items, listen and repeat.(Body, food, transport, numbers, and more!)

  • Colours: Crossword Puzzle for Beginners
  • Comparatives and Superlatives ( suitable for adults, too)
  • Simple present or Present Continuous?  
  • Halloween online games 
  • Irregular Verbs - Turn on the speakers or put on your headphones to watch and sing Video
  • Listening Activities Sounds in English
  • Sports with or without a ball? (paint the words)
  • Do you like extreme sports? Practise listening with this maze.

      -   VOCABULARY
  • At the Restaurant
  • Revise vocabulary watching a video  (Beginners) .Turn on the speakers, listen and repeat. Click HERE
  • Food   Game: Hangman - Find the hidden word.  (Beginners)  Click HERE           Learn Collocations.  (Beginners) Click HERE
  • Pre- Intermediate:  Exercise : Match up the expressions. Click HERE 
  • Food and drinks (Beginners)          ◦ Exercise ONE : Put the letters in the correct order. Click HERE          ◦ Exercise TWO: Read the information carefully and match the two parts. Click HERE

      -  GRAMMAR

                  ◦ Learn English while  watching videos! Click Here
                  ◦ Revise Second Conditional with a song! Click HERE
                  ◦ Speak English! (Listen and repeat activities) Click HERE

Reading Comprehension
Learning English by singing songs
                  ◦ Environment
                  ◦ St Patrick for Beginners 
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