Thursday, 11 October 2007

My first Meme (pingback and trackback)

When did I start using Internet? I think it coincides with the economic change in Argentina ( 1 peso = 1 dollar) in the late 90's. I started using e-mailing. I have friedns and family living abroad or in other cities, and they usually complain about the fact that I am pretty lazy for writing letters and going to the post office. So, e-mailing was a solution for me. A really turning point took place in 2001 when I was invited to an on line course on " How to evalute websites" carried out by another Argentinean - Prof. Norma Scagnoli- working at the University of Illinois. She introduced me into the virtual world and there I met one of my dearest cyberfriends: Prof. Dafne Gonzalez. From that moment my virtual life started. I bagan exploring the net and that same year I opened my firs e-group: English Virtual Community. My first steps on the Internet were really awful. I used to have dial up connection, so my experience was a bit poor. I could not spend much time on line and some websites were too heavy to download. Fortunatelly, my dial-up connection times have finiched and with broad band connection I can surf the net wherever and whenever I want. This year has been another turning point. I began blogging and working with the Webmatrix Project group.

We will try to do pingback and trackback between this meme and the ones belonging to the Writing Matrix people listed below. If you want to read about this topic, please, go to Matías's blog .

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doris3m said...

Hi, my dear Nelba! How did I get started? well, I was doing my postgrade studies on Educational informatics back in 2002, at that time educative software was ruling and using internet was 1.0. But something great happened... I found Webheads in Action... my dear webheads taught me everything I know about the internet and how to use it to teach. That was in 2003, that year I had the oportunity to meet some of my best friends and brothers and sisters. Dafne as you know is from venezuela and she-s one one my fairy godmothers... I have several (Karen Garcia, Susan Nyrop, Buthaina, Teresa and of course Vance - the godfather) when I started everything they told me was like a fantasy or magical... it feels the same way now, though. Throught webhads I found you and now we are working together in this wonderful project Writingmatrix. What-s for tomorrow? I think we-ll keep on connecting people, teaching, sharing and learning. A hug!

Barbara said...

I liked your meme. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
I will post my meme in my blog.

bili said...

hi, I tried that links on the bottom of your ''my first meme'' and it didn't opened any of them...?
I put a link on my meme for this english virtual community :)

Saša said...

Done! But... why can't I see any links under your post?
Do you have the backlinks setting on? I have.
Try linking to my post at
Hopefully we will then find your link under my post.

Saša said...

It works now. I've got the link to your post in my blog and you've got mine. :-)

Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Great , Sasha. We did it!

sladkitrak said...

hello!! The internet is a realy good thing if you can use it. Sometimes I get angry and impatient becouse the conection doesn`t work.

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