Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Can't stop blogging

The more I surf, the more tools I find for posting. I have found this video in a blog . It is even better - well, different, too- than YouTube because you can choose the language for the subtitles. Yes, believe your eyes: you can choose the language for the subtitles!!!!

New: I am very proud to say there is a comment in this post written by Gavin Dudeney who wrote How to teach English with Technology". Thank you, Gavin!


Gavin Dudeney said...

Hey Nelba,

"The more I surf the more tools I find..." - I know the feeling. Trying to keep up with everything is getting harder and harder by the day. I wonder if this is the big rush before everything settles down and one of each tool makes it through the rush and into the future (one blogging tool, one podcast tool, etc.). What do you think?


Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Dear Gavin, I don´t know if this rush will stop some day... it is a field for imagination and creation...fortunatelly, there are people who use their minds for making communication better -instead of making war or weapons- and in this way make knowledge available for more people. But I completely agree on your point that keeping up with everything is really hard and time consuming... but I love it! I have found in Internet the wonderful feeling of looking at the world with the eyes of a child: beeing delighted by new things. Love from ARgentina, Nelba

doris3m said...

The best thing is that the more educators feel that feeling you feel the more kids will have a smile on their faces and learning will take place!
Abrazos dear friend.... I m posting the WEb 2.0 the machine is using us at our doctorate blog... my classmates will appreciate it.
Keep on shining and smiling!