Sunday, 2 December 2007

Nelba in an Edu Nation III session

I will write about my second experience in SL ... here is a picture of me at Gavin's session in Edu Nation III on Dec 2nd.

Well, that Saturday SL experience was an adventure. I will tell you why: As I have told you I cannot enter SL from my PC because it does not have enough memory and the graphics card is not good :( So I had to go to a cybercafe. I entered SL from a cybercafe near my house twice without any problems. In one opportunity I had a wonderful chat with Vance and Gavin... Well, I had dinner early that Saturday because the session was at 13hs. and went to the cybercafe... but it was closed!!! First problem, so I took my car and drove to another cybercafe ten blocks from my house. Second problem: the Internet connection was down!!! I drove to town center and went to the best and biggest cybercafe, but to my suprise it also had problems with the Internet connection !!! oh , my God. I went on driving looking for cybercafes but no luck. Finally I found one on the other end of the city but it was 13:45... I arrived at EduNation session when everybody was saying goodbye :( I only could say hello to Moira, Rita, Gavin... met an English man who was touring South America...I was so, so disappointed... I was looking foward to Gavin's session ... I took a deep breath and decided to explore SL on my own... so I went to Buzios- a Brazilian beach- where I changed my clothes, practised my Portuguese, danced and flew around.

I hope I will be luckier next time ;)

Jennifer and I

Last Tuesday Jennifer and I finished a course on Computing Tools given by Intel Educar in Buenos Aires . We really had a great time sharing ideas, knowledge, laughing, projects . We really get on well, I hope we'll do something together in the future.