Saturday, 18 December 2010


This is my first Saturday of 2010 summer holidays, so here I am having breakfast and enjoying Twittering and facebooking.

While I was facebooking, I came across an article written by Ana María Menezes about this attractive visual tool called Wondersaid beta.

"You can use any simple sentence or twitter account to generate a cool animation. Wondersayings are easy to create, customise and share. No software programs to download (it's all online), no sign-up or passwords (save them by copying the link), and all for free. "

I have tried it and used it to wish you :

made on Wondersay - Animate text with style

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

You Can Use Facebook to Learn English

Facebook is not just for socializing. There are numerous Facebook apps designed to help you learn English. Let's take a look at some of the popular applications:

Language Exchange

The Language Exchange application makes it easy to find a language partner based on your personal interests, and the network can actually find you a good partner. The application gives you the opportunity to study languages and learn about other cultures. Learn English with assistance from a partner or from some of the network's volunteers.


Luingo helps you build your vocabulary. Create a custom MP3 of the words you want to learn. You can choose words from hundreds of different lists. Submit your writing and get feedback from people in the Luingo community. After you master English perhaps you'll take on Russian, Finnish, Chinese, and Turkish at Luingo.

Dr. Arrogant

The Dr. Arrogant application helps you learn and practice English with Dr. Arrogant's fun experiments.

English Cafe

This English language community let's you sign up for teacher time, provides online lessons, and tests your knowledge through online quizzes. You can also share experiences with other people. You have access to daily English lessons, flashcards, videos, and online chat. The English Cafe also offers useful learning tips and gives you access to the English Cafe blogs.

Globish Challenge

This application offers a Globish Challenge word game, which includes about 6000 words from the English language. Improve your vocabulary while playing a game, and you can even win prizes! According to the application's author, Globish is not a language in and of itself but rather the common ground which non-native English speakers adopt in the context of international business. The author reports that Globish is a natural language as opposed to a constructed or artificial language.

with these applications, one can learn English and meet some new fiends at Facebook! If you know someone trying to learn English, let them know about these helpful applications.

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