Saturday, 24 January 2009

Gavin Dudeney and Nik Peachey

On Sunday 18th Jan, I met Nicholas Peachey (on my left) and Gavin Dudeney (on my right) in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.

Gavin and Nik are two very well known ICT specialists who are in Argentina because they are in charge of the Hornby School in San Nicolás for the British Council. (By the way, I wish I were there)

I have known Gavin since 2007 . After having read his book "How to Teach English with Technology", I wanted to contact him and give him some feedback because I liked the book very much. I looked for him on the net, and got his mail. By mailing and chatting we started an interesting internet friendship. He helped me with my first steps in Second Life and we usually meet there. Finally , I met him f2f and I can say that chatting with him is a pleasure: he is constantly making jokes more often than he does on the net.
Gavin is travelling a lot due to his job for the British Council. He finds travelling very interesting and enriching but sometimes tiring.

Some days before he was coming to Argentina, we were chatting and I asked him for another of his books which is not available here: "The Internet and the Language Classroom".

He was very kind because he did not forget the book.Here is a photo where he is writing his autograph on it. Thanks, Gavin!

I have known Nik since... don´t remember because I have always read his super blogs!

Nik is quieter than Gavin but he is nice to talk, too. We talked about his work for the British Council, his blogs and his life in Moroco.

Time flew that Sunday in the good company of these two Internet experts!