Friday, 25 September 2009

Teaching activities provided by the British Council

I am very happy to announce a new set of

material provided by the British Council:

Teaching children

1) "Circus escape" is an online flash-animated story for young learners about an elephant which escapes from the circus and runs off into town.

2) There are many activities on the British Council’s site for young learners which you can use with your learners to help them develop their writing skills. They range from writing poems, making stories, reading and sending book and film reviews and sending ecards to family and friends.

On this page you will find tips for using and exploiting the activities in the classroom: Play with Poems, Story Maker,Write a review and Send an ecard

3) Superheroes is an exciting topic for young learners. On this page you will find tips for using and exploiting the materials in the classroom including an extremely motivating interactive game called "Style a Hero"!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

How to publish your work on line

If you are looking for an online publisher, try where you can explore a world of publications by people and publishers alike. You can also collect, share and publish in a format designed to make your documents look their very best. Issuu is a popular destination for quality publications on the web. We can give your readers the possibility of reading your previews or entire archives.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Edublogs: Join The Student Blogging Challenge

This weekEdublogs has got some goodies for you - a student blogging challenge and the chance to win one of 16 free Edublogs Supporter accounts!!!! And one for the teachers...

About the Student Blogging

Challenge Edublogs's last blogging challenge had over 1000 students, from 15 countries, aged 6 to 18 years old, writing posts, commenting and getting to know about each others cultures while improving their blogging skills and connecting to a global audience.The growth of the students’ blogging skills during each challenge is totally amazing and inspiring; check out these examples of student work.

Challenge Categories

This time the Challenge Categories have been expanded into two separate categories; both designed to improved student skills.Students (or classes) can choose to participate in either or both:

  • Better Bloggers Challenge – emphasis on better blogging, improving your blog design and connecting to a global audience

  • Better Commenter Challenge – focusing how you write comments, whether you are trying to continue conversations through comments and how to write posts that invite lots of comments.

The reason why Edublogs has added the comment challenge is an important part of blogging. It’s often where most learning happens. Unfortunately educating students on effective commenting practices is hard. They hope to change this while also providing new tasks for students who’ve participated in previous challenges.

Want to know more? click on this LINK

Friday, 4 September 2009

Free Hi-Tech Language Learning Tools

This is the second part of the post written by Karen Schweitzer who kindly offered herself to contribute to this blog.

Thank you, Karen for this contribution!!!

MIT Open CourseWare - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers dozens of free foreign language and literature courses through their OpenCourseWare site. All of the courses are self-paced. Many include audio, video, lecture notes, assignments, reading lists, exams, and other downloadable study materials.

Cramberry - Cramberry offers many hi-tech web-based flashcards for English language learners. Users can also create their own flashcards and track online progress.

Popling - Popling is a way for language learners to learn without actively studying. This desktop app pops flashcards onto a computer screen at regular intervals so that users can learn new English vocabulary words while completing other computer tasks.

Visual ESL - provides a wide range of interactive video activities for English language learners. Activities are available for learners at every level.

Scriblink - This free online whiteboard works well for learners who want to collaborate online. The board is completely private and only open to those who are invited. Features include built-in chat, VOIP conferencing, an image uploader, and a wide range of dynamic tools.

Audacity - Audacity is free software that can be used to record and edit sound. This open source product is perfect for language learners who want to create audio study materials.

Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes about online colleges for