Saturday, 15 November 2008

Spreading the word about WordlCALL

Today there were educational sessions at the Escuela de Lenguas of the National University of La Plata celebrating its 15th anniversary. The teachers who belong to the School staff shared the experiences or research works they have carried out this year. The sessions were grouped into three sections: ICT, Literature and Linguistics.

As you may imagine, I took part in the ICT sessions ;-)
In this opportunity, I spoke about WorldCALL - what it is and its aims- and made a brief description of the latest trends presented in Fukuoka. Of course, I showed a picture of the awarded ladies in their kimonos!!!!

I was not alone , Jennifer Verschoor came from Buenos Aires to La Plata. Together we spoke about ARCALL (CALL Argentina) and our intention to fulfill our intention of spreading WorldCALL work.

This is the power point presentation. Unfortunatelly the background is blue in slideshare :-(