Thursday, 30 October 2008

Another class in SL

Last Monday was my last class in this teacher training course at Language Lab. It was quite different from the others because it was in pairs: one played the role of a leader teacher and the other was a helper. I gave the class with Jennifer. We were leader and helper in turns. It was interesting and difficult at the same time because we had to coordinate our roles.

We chose a very simple dialogue: "Quiero un helado". Just five lines with very simple language. The class was in " La Plaza Mayor" of Ciudad Bonita - the place which Language Lab is building for the Spanish as Second Language Courses. It looks like a Spanish city. There is a market, restaurants,banks, shops, a church and even a graveyard! Dafne Gonzalez is helping architects in this project. You can have a look at the photos below.

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I was also exploring some other lands, I bought clothes, furniture and wings for free. I took some pictures and attended Gavin's talk.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My fourth week in Second Life

Well, this is my fourth active week in Second Life. I had to present a dialogue in the "simulation" class. I used a box with notecards with all the necessary material for the students, the board with different texts and the typist for a game.

Then, Dafne showed us a presentation she gave about the differences between online classes and classes in SL. Finally, we visited "Ciudad Bonita". The place where people will learn Spanish as a Second Language at Language Lab. "Ciudad Bonita" resembles a typical Spanish city. It is not finished but looks really beautiful. Dafne is doing a great job.

Here is a slide show of the this week. Click on it because the text bubbles cannot be seen very well.

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Friday, 17 October 2008

My Third Week in Second Life

This third week has been vey interesting. We learnt to manage new tools such as a flat screen. I feel more confident with my movements and have been exploring new lands.
I met Nergiz and had a lovely chat in her house.

Then she showed the places around.

After our chat, I stayed for a while exploring the place and touching the objects.

Finally I found a book to read.

I could not avoid changing my appearance. I went shopping and got some new appearances and clothes. Have you noticed I changed my look?

Evelyn and I wanted to earn some money to buy some images for our flat screens, so we went to a disco. You can earn money dancing. Here you can see me in a disco.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My Second Week in Second Life

This is my second week in the super intensive training course at Language Lab. I have been pretty busy working with the new tools and investigating the virtual world. There is always a "helper" ( an avatar who helps you) at the entrance of Language Lab to help you with the tools. DaQ ( a helper from USA) took me shopping for free! Yes, ladies. Can you imagine? This is paradise! You can buy clothes for free!!! So, I bought lots of clothes and shoes. Oh, and you can also buy different hairstyles. This is how I look now:

I designed a lesson plan for beginner learners of Spanish as a Second Language. I was supposed to give a 10 minute class, and I was terribly nervous. Believe it or not, after having taught English for 15 years. Fortunatelly, I was not the only nervous one. My colleagues felt the same.
For this first Second Life class, I chose the topic "Colores". I designed a detailed plan, some objects to be used in a game, and rehearsed what I was planning to do in the different places at Language Lab, I mean using the tools: presenting the objects and using the board.
Here are some photos of what happened during the class:

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Thursday, 2 October 2008

My life in Second Life

My dream has become true. I am living in Second Life. At present I am taking an intensive training course at Language Lab. I can walk, fly and move around more fluently. I have got some new clothes and objects. And what is more important I have friends: Evelyn (Venezuela) and Jennifer (Argentina). And very good teachers: Dafne (Venezuela)and Ana (Italy) .Here is a picture of me in class:

And here you can see some photos taken by Dafne.

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And in this picture you can see Evelyn and me having a coffee in a break.