Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My Second Week in Second Life

This is my second week in the super intensive training course at Language Lab. I have been pretty busy working with the new tools and investigating the virtual world. There is always a "helper" ( an avatar who helps you) at the entrance of Language Lab to help you with the tools. DaQ ( a helper from USA) took me shopping for free! Yes, ladies. Can you imagine? This is paradise! You can buy clothes for free!!! So, I bought lots of clothes and shoes. Oh, and you can also buy different hairstyles. This is how I look now:

I designed a lesson plan for beginner learners of Spanish as a Second Language. I was supposed to give a 10 minute class, and I was terribly nervous. Believe it or not, after having taught English for 15 years. Fortunatelly, I was not the only nervous one. My colleagues felt the same.
For this first Second Life class, I chose the topic "Colores". I designed a detailed plan, some objects to be used in a game, and rehearsed what I was planning to do in the different places at Language Lab, I mean using the tools: presenting the objects and using the board.
Here are some photos of what happened during the class:

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Vance Stevens said...

Lovely, Nelba. Sounds you are enjoying Second Life with the best of teachers. One of these days I must follow you into this training. Keep up the excellent work.