Friday, 15 August 2008

WorldCall 2008 Fukuoka Japan

WorldCall 2008 in Fukuoka, Japan has been an incredible experience! I cannot say what was the best part of it.

WorldCall committee and all the people involved were so kind and efficient ! I would like to say thank you to Thomas Robb for his immence patience and kindness, Prof. Akio Iwasaki and Hisako Yamauchi, Mike Levy among others.

Meeting Webheads was fantastic! Most of the awardees were Webheads: Erika Cruvinel (Brazil), Hala Fawzi (Sudan), Neny Isharyanti (Indonesia), Evelyn Izquierdo (Venezuela), Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine), Jennifer Verschoor and I (Argentina). We also met Vance Stevens.

Webheads ladies formed a very nice and noisy group. We laughed a lot and had a great time talking about ourselves, families, work, dreams and projects.

Link to WorldCALL 2008 blog

Vance's presentation with Rita, Sasha and me.
Poster Presentation with Jennifer Verschoor