Monday, 19 November 2007

Second Life

I am very happy to announce that I became a Second Life citizen. My name is Nelba Aeon. Why did I get my Second Life Citizenship? On one hand I want to explore this 3-D virtual World everybody talks about and on the other because Gavin Dudeney kindly invited me to one of his sessions in Second Life. ( Thank you, Gavin!).
Unfortunately I cannot enter SL from my PC because it does not fulfill SL' s requirements ( You need a strong computer specially for the graphics), so I went to a cybercafe. I had my first experience this morning. At the beginning it was a bit disappointing because I was unexperienced and did not know exactly what to do... I walked around, went up and down some stairs, flew...but when I was about to leave, I met a group of people chatting in different languages! Amazing! and finally I met a Canadian lady who talked to me in English. We chatted for some time. I was really happy because she was a newbie, too.
Well, that is all for now from SL.


Gavin Dudeney said...

Hey Nelba,

Welcome to Second Life and I'm looking forward to meeting you virtually tomorrow to prepare for the session on Saturday. If anyone else is interested in the workshops and seminars, there's more information here:

See you soon


Saša said...

Congrats, Nelba! I'm Lala Layle in SL. Hope to meet you there one day when I finally find some time to start exploring SL for real. :-)

Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Hi, Gavin. I was really fascinated with our meeting at EduNation III.
The place you have built is really wonderful! And it was really nice to chat with you there. I am looking foward to the session today! See you there!

Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Hi, Sasha! I will add you as my contacts at SL. I hope we'll meet soon there. Love from LP :)

LS said...

Hi Nelba

We can meet in SL . My name is Shen Maureaux.
Hope to see you in La Plata too