Friday, 14 August 2009

Are Social Networks Dangerous? Part II

After having uploaded "Are Social networks Dangerous? Part I, I started looking for further information about the attack to the use of social networkings such as Facebook, Hi5, Myspace, Sonico, etc. carried out by Televisa. The funniest thing is that Televisa did not mention their own social network, called Gyggs and that J.L. Dórigo has an account in Facebook!
Then I asked some collegues who are ICT specialists for their opinions. Most of them agree on the necessity of using Facebook because it is a popular tool, specially among young people:

“I have avoided FB for a long time but this has become almost impossible. If I want to stay in touch with my younger family members and relatives, FB seems to be the best way. They don't read email..."
Although they like the way Facebook keeps them in touch with friends, family and/or students, they insist on the fact that, as with every online application, caution should be used when using social media sites.
"Anytime anyone invites me to take a quiz or send a gift or plant a flower or whatever--zap! I block it."
Here is a website which tells you about 10 privacy settings you can use to use Facebookmore safely:
I will be posting more about the use Facebook soon from the Net generation point of view. And what about you? Do you have a Facebook account? What for?

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sabridv said...

Nelba, I reallY like your site. I think that facebook is not dangerous. It is people the ones who ARE dangerous. We have to be careful, just the way we are careful when we are walking in the street and we talk to strangers I think. I believe that there are some people who criticise new tecnologies just for the sake of criticising. I use facebook a lot, to be in contact with friends, for my job, etc. and I will go on using it.