Sunday, 9 August 2009

Are Social Networks dangerous? Part I

Some days ago I got a mail pointing out the dangers of networks. The mail quoted the attack to the use of social networks such as Facebook, Hi5, Myspace, Sonico, etc. carried out by Televisa.

Televisa said that social networks are not safe because they provide information to kidnappers. The Mexican journalist Joaquín López Dórigo criticized the security measures of social networks due to the kinapping of an important businessman’s daughter. A video about facebook came to the e-mail I mentioned before which I found really scary.

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joseantonio said...

Hi Nelba,
I saw that video. I did not reply to the discussion in the community though. About the video, I think it is a bit paranoid. It is true that we give out information in many ways to lots of people. But then, supposing that this information is going to be used to harm us in some way, is another. This may happen, depending on how much information we give.
I really don't think social networks are dangerous. They are as dangerous as the world is. They can be dangerous if you are using them to find a romantic relationship. I normally use them to learn, to get in touch with friends and family.
Social networks can be dangerous depending on what you use them for.