Saturday, 14 April 2007

Jules Verne (1828-1905)

Thanks to all who have left a comment in my previous posting. I do really appreciate you have written so complete comments either if you like my topic or not.

This posting will be devoted to one of the first sci-fi writers and one of the richest imagination : Jules Verne. I cannot separate my early adolescence from the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea or the black and white movie Journey To The Center Of The Earth ( there is not a remake, is there?)

I loved "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". Do you know that he called the submarine "Nautilus" because there is a beautiful mollusc called like that. It moves up and down as a submarine by filling or emptying with water the different chambers of his body.

I really enjoyed all the adventures of this submarine and his legendary captain Nemo.

Which book written by Jules Verne do you like best?


Anonymous said...

Hi again, Nelba! How you doing?
Hope everything with you is great.

With regard to Jules Verne I'll tell you I've only read Journey to the Center of the Earth and I don't remember what it's about. Actually, I just remember the main character is a geologist... isn't he??? Of course, I know the character and someone else (maybe his nephew) set out for the center of the Earth... :S My memory often fails me, that's all I remember about that book; shame on me!

Love, Eugenia.

Chancedugan said...

Su Blog is magnifico. Buena suerte con el futuro Posts.

Gary Harwell

Nina said...

Great job, Nelba!

It's a great pleasure to read your postings.

Thank you very much!


Daf said...

Dear Nelba,

I love science fiction. Jules Verne was one of my favorite writers when I was an adolescent. I think that "From the Earth to the Moon", was the first of his books that I read. By the time I read it, it was real sci-fiction, not anymore ;-)

Later, I began reading the work of Isaac Asimov: his novels and short stories. "The Last Question" (1956) is one of my favorite pieces.

I love the idea of a science fiction blog, Nelba :-)


g_etch said...

Hi Nelba,
In the web page
there is a list of books write by Jules Verne.

Matute said...

Hi Nelba...

Great to hear about Jules Verne!! in my comments in the previous topic I leave some lines about Jules Verne.

I think he is wonderful man 'cause He don't write only sci-fi but with his writings he was in advance about the technology in the future. He study a lot the technology in his time to make predictions about the situations in the future.

Thanks for the posts!


Matias Basilico (Matutek from now)

joandry said...

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