Friday, 6 April 2007

Science Fiction Topic

Why have I chosen Science Fiction? Well, there are some reasons. The first one may be closely related to human kind wondering to know about the future. Science fiction gives us an idea of what life may be like . Its hypotheses are based on recent technological achievements or reasearch plus the imagination of the writer.

Evasion may be the second reason. I cannot complain about this present, but I would like a better future. A world with heroes and heroins with ideals fighting against... alliens, robots or very ambitious villains who want to dominate the wordls ( Oops, aren't I describing the present???

Finally, I like sci-fi because it suprises me either in written as well as visual form. I remembered that I was shocked by the cruelty of allienated children in Ray Bradbury's short story " The Prairie" when I was a teenager and had to read it for high school. And nowadays , the cinema does not stop surprising me with special effect.

Do you like sci-fi?


joseantonio said...

Hi Nelba,

I am also a huge fan of science fiction. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World had a great impact on me. What I like about scifi is the possibilities of so many realities, alternatives, and the fantastic or sometimes chaotic reality they create.

José Antônio

RitaZ said...

Cannot agree there..., Nelba, sorry to say. Give me real life problems, treated with the dignity and the analytical, humane view of most European directors..., and I'm happy...;-)

Anyway, congrats on your blog and on your achievements!



MaruEugeO said...

Hi, Nelba!

I'm not a science fiction fan, nevertheless I've read 'Fahrenheit 451 (1953)' and 'The Illustrated Man (1951)' (both of them written by Ray Bradbury) and I like them very much. I think Bradbury is a great visionary 'cause after all he wasn't so wrong when he wrote his novels fifty years ago.

All the best,


Lujan said...

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Daniela said...

I am also very keen on science fiction. My favourite author is Isaac Asimov, with the Foundation series and the wonderful stories... I also like Ray Bradbury's "Star" very much. And I enjoy watching science fiction movies and serials. I will check your blog regularly!
Best regards,
(Sibiu, Romania).

delvallesiosi said...

Hi Nelba: you've got a comment from Daniela in Sibiu, the capital of Culture 2007 !!!What a place!!

I love Sci Fi too. All the writers and authors,I mean draughtmen and directors who go some steps in front of the common of mortal people.

I'm an architect and we studied in the University the importance of Flash Gordon in many architectural movements that came later.
They influenced a lot of Japanese architects and the drawings portraited many buidings that were made in the following years.

Some of the devices designed or imagined by designers for Sci fi films, finally have came true.

Good topic to share.
Good luck
Susana Canelo from Del Valle in Argentina

doris3m said...

Hi, there! A warm hug from venezuela. Well, sci fi... I love it. My favorite scifi writer is Jules Verne.... he is consider to be a founder father of scifi. A quote by Verne says "Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real". Isn't that what teachers do? imagine things, and invite students to imagine and make things real. We think of the future and support the use of wonderful tools like this blog to create and make dreams come true. Meeting new wonderful people from all over the world, communicating feelings, dreams, visions, .... I don't know about you.... but this that we are doing right now... was science fiction to me a few years ago. Keep on doing what you're doing my scifi friends!
Keep on shining!

Rosaura said...

Hi Nelba!
I´m glad you´ve chosen sci-fi as a theme to share, because I like it too!
Since I started reading, I got interested in this kind of literature.
I´ve read some books of Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and so on...all of them delighted me in some way!
Sometimes I think they can predict the future...
Well, that´s all for now.

Matute said...

Hi Nelba.

I'm a sci-fi fan from my childhood. I like movies and books about a lot of topic, Universe, ET's, Mysteries.

I like Aldous Huxley too as joseantonio, I read "Happy World" It's a fantastic book!

I think Julio Berne is fantastic too 'cause He wrote a lot of sci-fi books but that today are real Science. And about this I think is true that the Science fiction writers are the real science persons of the future.

And finally I think science fiction is crucial in our childhood 'cause It makes our imagination grow and grow, It let us think about impossible things but that things can become real things in the future.

I like Matrix too and when I saw the YouTube video I was very happy about the topic :)


Prof. Nelba Quintana said...

Well, what can I say? THANK YOU for your lovely comments. I do appreciate them.Thank you very much! :)

Mônica said...

Hi Nelba! I'm not exactly a sci-fi fan, but I enjoy reading Michael Crichton's novels (Jurassic Park, Timeline, The Andromeda Strain, etc). I like the way he mixes real life and fiction, creating new realities from existing theories like quantum physics, the theory of chaos etc.
A big hug from Brazil

El Roger!! said...

Hi Nelba, I´m not a sci-fi fan but I recomend you Blade Runner its from the 80´s, very futuristic i want you watch it plz!

Sergio Gaut vel Hartman said...

Hi, Nelba.

I'm Sergio Gaut vel Hartman, sf author from Buenos Aires. My English is very poor, but good friends have translated some of my stories to English.

(The castaway)


(Russian dolls)

(Contaminated people)

Sergio Gaut vel Hartman