Monday, 6 May 2013

BITSTRIPS comic maker

Making a comic strip may be a very attractive a activity for ESL learners of all levels. (Read about "comic strips" in Wikipedia)

There are different tools to make comic strips but this post will be devoted to Bitstrips- an online tool

  • Bitstrips is free
  • Registration is optional
  • You can log in with your Facebook account
  • Students can create comics and their own characters
  • Students create dialogues using vocabulary they know
  • Bitstrips stimulates imagination and creativity because everything, from characters to complex backgrounds, is customizable.
  • Sharing: Bitstrips is embeddable on blogs and wikis !

  • Students may spend too much time designing their comics, so it is advisable to work on the script before sitting them in front of the PC.
  • Characters can only be human
  • Bitstrips is suitable for tweens with some tech skills.

Possible Activity:

    Creating Story boards. After watching a movie in your class, you can even have your students hand draw a storyboard of the movie's major plot events (a summary) and then turn that storyboard into a comic strip using Bitstrips.

    Possible Project Plan 
    Prof. María Clara Bouvier's contribution

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