Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Northfield School launches its own magazine

Susana Giambruni told me that the school where she works, Northfield School, was planning to publish a magazine. She kindly asked me to contribute with an article about IT. I love writing, so I immediately accepted her proposal.

My article was titled: "Do not fear IT" and was specially intended for parents and teachers who still despise and keep off digital technology. I tried to convince the reader that technology is not a calamity, but a good excuse to share adults' time, experience and knowledge with our students or children using the tools they are so fond of.

I sent my lines to Daniela Barbariol, NFS MAG Coordinator, who told me she would send me two copies of the magazine. 

I received the copies last week and I was completely amazed not only at the excellent presentation and quality of the copies ,but also at the very interesting project described in the different sections of the magazine NFS offers to the community

NFS MAG staff has done a very good job and I am really honored to be invited as a contributor.



Learn Indonesian in Bali said...

I am sure you wrote a very good article for the magazine. :)

kobe said...

congratulations to you, i think that can be a good magazine