Saturday, 17 September 2011

International Congress: Conectar Igualdad

The international congress : "Inclusión Digital Educativa" (Digital Educational Inclusion) took place in Buenos Aires city, on September 1st and 2nd. This congress was  part of the  of digital inclusion policy promoted by the national program "Conectar Igualdad", which has provided more than 3 million netbooks to students and teachers of the state high school level. This policy is very important for the social and educational future of Argentina.
There was one netbook every two teachers
 available work in the hands on workshops given.

Argentinian authorities are convinced that the netbook the student takes home not only will allow him/her to have the possibility of developing the necessary skills to live and work in the information society, but also it will be an important tool to connect the rest of the family to the Internet. 

Local and international speakers gave presentations and workshops about different topics : video games, movie makers, copyleft, social networks, IT impact in education.

at Digital Animation Workshop  by Carlos Trilnick

at the Workshop Didactic Sequences
Teachers from all the country attended it and some of them showed   confidence in the use of netbooks. Some of them recorded the sessions using Audacity, for example. In general, teachers were very interested in sharing expectations, doubts and experiences using netbooks. 
Nelba at the entrance of the Congress

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