Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Make your own poster

I would love to design attractive posters to inform teachers, students or parents about the activities at school. Although I may have many ideas, I am not very familiar with photoshop or any other  advanced digital image editing application :( 

If you have the same problem, let me tell you that there is a free web tool for educators that may help us: Juxio. Its simplicity allows people to easily create posters for display.  It  offers very complete  HELP section with video tutorials, FAQs and hints.

Once you have chosen a template and edit your "Jux", you can print on your local printer. Or you can save it as a pdf file and send it by mail.



Maria Florencia said...

Thank you, Nelba, this will be great to help our studentswith their projects and presentations.
I'll check it out!

Myrna Santos said...

Hi, Nelba! I'm not a creative person either. Thanks for pointing me to Juxio. I do posters with my ipad. The apps that I use are rhonna designs and Over.