Thursday, 17 June 2010

Do you use Google?

Karenne Joy Sylvester - Kalingo English blogger- uploaded a post called "Do you use Google?". Of course, I do! I am very fond of Google for the variety of tools it offers and besides, it is developing new ones everyday.

I find Google a fantastic tool for professional life. I am familiar with mailing, blogging ;-) , google docs, calendar, video chat, images and Google Wave.

Karenne has found slideshow which goes through some of Google applications and tools, plus examples of how she and others have been using the different functions and products. Here is the link to watch the slideshow.

We'd love to learn more from you about what, how and why you've been using them, so do please share comments and thoughts.

P.S Surfing the net I came across Rita Zeinstejer slideshare presentation . Have a look:  
Google Apps In The Clasroom For Tesol 2010

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