Friday, 9 April 2010

Does school kill creativity?

In this video you will listen to Ken Robinson talking about how the present educational system neither prepares young people for the future nor encourages creativity. Can you leave a comment about your opinion? Do you agree with Robinson? Are you doing anything in your class to avoid killing creativity? Are you stuck to academic education?


Mihai Anton said...

aye, i watched it some time ago and i totally agree. robinsons has as point.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nelba,
I've already written two posts about this video in my blog here are the links (and of course that is my opinion about the video)

Anonymous said...

A very creative way to talk about ceativity. Very thought provoking. Thank you.

Daniel Eduardo said...

Hi Nelba! I´m totaly agree with Robinson...Our educational system only prepared you to an academic education.
Beside, people think that you need to be a Lawyer or a Doctor or something similar to reach a 'social status'...That´s a terrible idea.