Wednesday, 27 January 2010

British Council Teaching Material for Kids

Luckily some new material selected by 
the British Council is available in this blog.

Let´s start with a very interesting  short topic-based videos where our young students can listen to children talking about their lives on the British Council’s NEW LearnEnglish Kids site
for young learners.

As you can see the window is visually attractive and user friendly for kids.
When you click on the photo of one of the kids that appear on the screen, a video starts running.

You can exploit the video extensively and/or let your students explore other
listening material at their own pace:

You can also print the script of the video and full colour activities with
corresponding answers in pdf format.
Don´t forget to make your students vote for the video!

Students can answer to the personal questions in comments,
introducing them to online participation.

I hope you and your students really enjoy this online website!
Further ideas to exploit the website?
Click HERE

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