Thursday, 1 October 2009

Social Networking 2009 Conference

I am delighted to inform you that from November 5-8, 2009, ARCALL and AVEALMEC will be running the Social Networking 2009 Conference.
This open-knowledge event will be completely online and free and it is aimed at elluminating ELT practitioners to grow in the use of social networks as learning development tools.This event is being jointly organized by ARCALL and AVEALMEC , two Latin-American associations, one based in Venezuela and the other in Argentina, interested in promoting the use of ICT in the language classroom.
For this event, we invited conference speakers from different parts of the world:
  • George Siemens -Canada
  • Etienne Wenger -US
  • Vance Stevens -UAE
  • Nik Peachey -UK
  • Charalambos Vrasidas and Maria Solomou -Cyprus
  • Nicky Hockly -Spain
  • Erika Cruvinel and Ronaldo Lima –Brazil
  • Rita Zeinstejer and Paula Ledesma -Argentina
  • Nellie Müller Deustch –Israel
  • Carla Arena –Brazil
  • Graham Stanley –Spain
  • Jennifer Verschoor, Evelyn Izquierdo and Erica Cruvinel –Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil
During four days, our guest speakers will be sharing their experiences and expertise with participants and will help us grasp a better picture of how social networks can be used in the language teaching and learning field. We will be discussing about the concepts and theories around social networks, communities of practice and the Web 2.0, as well as about the use, advantages and drawbacks of social networking tools.Join us and participate in this amazing learning experience!
Spread the word! Let´s get socially connected!
E-greetings from,
The Social Networking 2009 Team
ARCALL: Jennifer Verschoor,Nelba Quintana,Carla Raguseo

AVEALMEC: Teadira Pérez, Miguel Mendoza, Elvina Castillo, Evelyn Izquierdo, Nahir Aparicio, Maricarmen Gamero

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