Sunday, 4 May 2008

First Chat Session of the year

Last Saturday we had our first chat session of Writing Matrix Reloaded. Writing Matrix Reloaded group is pretty different from the one we had last year. Matías, Barbara, Joao and María Luján are still with us - LUCKILY- , the new participants are all teachers: Beyza from Turkey, Berta from Venezuela, José Da Silva from Brazil and Liliana from Argentina.

The chat lasted and hour and it was about
tags and tagging, their use and purpose. Some teachers found it interesting and clarifying.

Writing Matrix Tagging in Youtube by Vance at:


Lujan said...

Hi Nelba! I couldn't stay in the chat session, but you know I'm with you ;). I'm very happy to know there are new members, wellcome to all of them!.
My computer crashed last week but I'll do my homework anyway, I promisse.


doris3m said...

Hi, Nelba! What time are the chat sessions going to be? I would like my guys to meet your guys...
keep on shining... remember International collaboration ...they can also collaborate there...

Beyza said...

Hi Nelba!
It's really nice to be involved in such a project.Thanks a lot!