Saturday, 1 September 2007

How to blog properly? Tips

Blogs or Weblogs are the fastest growing technology on the Internet. With there being so many blogs now, how can you make our blog known and get people to read it? How can our blog become outstanding if there are so many people who are trying to accomplish the same thing?

Avoiding the use of scrolls and links in the text body, and eliciting reader response are some of the keys for being successful on the Internet.

New textual mechanisms are taking over to render the act of reading easier and more intuitive because we get tired soon from reading on a screen. Consequently, our blog writing style must be different from the usual writing style we use on a sheet of paper. Blog writing must make the act of reading easier and more intuitive.

( to be continued)


iguana said...

Nelba - Hey, great blog. I am hoping to see the rest of this blog entry as I am keenly interested in the topic. I am dedicated to instructional design and teaching a TEFL course on line, and it has been very rewarding. We are using Moodle, which I am still learning how to use! Hopefully you can give me some tips about blogging and on line training... Take care...

RitaZ said...

I agree there, Nelba, in that we need to think how to motivate participants to both read and post comments... Quite a job..;-)
I reckon a variety of features displayed helps, as can be audio files --or podcasts, since voice has a special appeal, mainly to our students, who very seldom have the chance to listen to native or non-native speakers from different places...
I like your slideshow, people enjoy visuals and colours as well.

My best wishes for a very successful blog!