Friday, 10 August 2007

SMS Dictionaries

Text message and chat language are little by little accepted by society and dictionaries! The British Dictionary Collins has accecpted some of these terms, such as: b4 (before), gr8 (great) , lol ( laughing out loudly).
Nevertheless, the Spanish dictionary of the Royal Academy has not accepted any yet.
Language is not a static system, it changes with society. We do not write the same way people used to let's say... 1500.
So, perhaps we are facing a big change in writing. Don't U think so?

There is a very funny game, click on this link:
A new window will appear with a mobile phone. On the screen you will read messages, but they are not fully written. That is what you have to do: write the message. God luck and enjoy it!


Beatriz! said...

Well, i'm a traditional woman so i thik is important to keep our language the way it is :) I just saw your comment about the video in my blog, to view the video get in and put "KIWI MAD WORLD VERSION" on the search thing.. hehe. It's a cute video, hope you like it!! Kisses from Venezuela!!

Matute said...

Hi Nelba!! How are you?

I'm fine and I want to share you this post in my blog with a very interesting video:

I want to start a little debate on my blog about the topic and I think your feedback is very important 'cause It talks about education, Internet, Social Web tools and the changes we are living.

Thanks Nelba and see you soon!

Gabriel said...

listas12hi! i will be a regular reader of your blog. i find it really nice to read. thanks.