Thursday, 3 May 2007

Science Fiction movies

Here is a list of science fiction movies I have seen and liked :
  • I robot ( robots Vs. men)
  • Matrix (robots Vs. men)
  • Terminator (robots Vs. men)
  • X-men (genetical manipulation)
  • Titan AE (the end of the world)
  • Star Wars (good Vs.bad- eternal topic)
  • Artificial Intelligence (robots Vs. men)
  • The sixth day (clonation)

Can you recommend any sci-fi movie? Give your reasons, please.


Anonymous said...

Well, Nelba, as you probably know, I'm not very knowledgeable about sci-fi, anyway, I saw some sci-fi movies during my childhood such as Batman & Robin, Godzilla and Star Wars (Guess it was the episode IV, the only Star Wars episode I saw in my life). I'm not use to watching this kind of films.

Lujan said...

Mmmm ... now I'm remembering the movie called "Bicentennial man", stared by Robin Williams, about a robot wich want to be a human.
Another science fiction movie is Gattaca, about clonation...
Those are the movies that come to my mind now.
Bye bye!

Closs said...,,20036782_20037403_20037541,00.html

Hi Everyone...I'll send you the link to my blog in a bit...guess I have to write something on it first. If you wanna check it out, you can though, but I just have some pics I took. I am a very, very, very amateur photographer. I like to take snapshots of what I see here in New York; the common and the odd - which there is alot in this city, believe me!

Enough's the link to my blog: I'll update it as soon as I can.

Now about that link... EW (Entertainment Weekly) published a list of the 25 best Science Fiction movies/series. I was soooo pleased to see V - Alien Invasion in the ranking...Please tell me you remember this captivating 80's science fiction hit that had great f/x for it's time.

Not sure if you know about or seen Hero's, but it's awesome. It's season ended this past Monday here in the States - and I missed it (darn!), but I guess I can watch it again on the SciFi Channel. The series is about regular people, that are not mutant, but have extraordinary powers. You have the good and the bad and each has a mission, one to destroy the world and the save the cheerleader and save the world. The series is complicated, because it has various parallel stories that are all interconnected, but this is why it keeps you at the edge of your seat.
(You can read about it here:

Another great movie that made the list is The Thing...if I remember well this was the movie where the alien popped out of a guy's stomach.

Other good movies on the list are Total Recall, with Ahhhnold Scharzenegger (it that how you spell his last name?) and Sharon Stone. I can never forget when they took that "tracking device" from Arnold's nose, does anyone agree with me?

I have to confess that I own the Total Recall DVD and I also own the whole collection of Alien DVD's. And just in case you're wondering, no I don't go to Sci-Fi conventions dressed as Ripley...cheers and Hasta La Vista Baby!

Daniela said...

There's the "Back to the Future" series, with Michael J. Fox. Going back in time and forward into the future is a good reason for selecting this, isn't it?
Lujan, I love "Gattaca" every time I watch it. It's my favourite.

JC said...

One of my favorite movies of sci-fi is TRON.

TRON is a 1982 film from Walt Disney Pictures starring Jeff Bridges. This movie lead us to a world inside the computers. Is an old movie but is really good. You can find more information about this movie here: