Saturday, 6 October 2018

Expressing likes and dislikes

You must be very familiar with these icons because you associate them with a popular social network.

The fact is that I want you to revise expressing likes and dislikes in English.

Love, like, dislike, hate are verbs used to express preferences ; things or activities that we like to do (I like hamburgers / Me gustan las hamburguesas)  and things or activities that we do not like to do (I dislike hamburgers / No me gustan las hamburguesas).

These verbs are regularly followed by two types of words:
1. nouns 
2. verbs

1. Nouns . Examples:
-I love cars. (Me encantan los carros)
-She likes movies.  (Le gustan las películas)
-We don’t like sad music. (No nos gusta la música triste)
-We dislike sad music. (No nos gusta la música triste)
-He hates soup. (Odia la sopa)

2. Verbs
a) Verbo + ing
–She loves dancing. (Le encanta bailar)
-I like playing tennis. (Me gustan jugar al tenis)
-He doesn’t like eating vegetables. (A él no le gusta comer verduras/vegetales)
-He dislikes washing up. (A él no le gusta lavar los platos)
-They hate doing homework. (Odian hacer los deberes del colegio)

Let´s do some online activities to check if you have understood:
Excersice ONE 
Excersice TWO

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